Research Consulting

“Research” is a broad term that can intimating to many in our field. Many equate research with “science” and “statistics”. In fact, educational research, since it is focused on people, is very different from that in the sciences, and often makes little or no use of statistics. Research solutions offer consulting, presentations, and workshops focusing on topics such as:

Planning research: Consultation with teachers or program developers on developing a plan for action research or evaluative research for a particular course or program. Selection of an appropriate research approach and design, and discussion of procedures for treatment, data collection, and data analysis based on the research plan being considered. Presentations and workshops are also available in addition to, or in lieu of, consultation.

Workshops and presentations are also available for the following:

The Research Process: The steps in the research process and their variation based on research approach and design.

Elements of action research: The characteristics of action research and the procedures and point of concern regarding the action-research process.

Statistics in educational research: Discussing the characteristics of statistics in educational research and the differences between descriptive and inferential statistics.

Qualitative and quantitative research: Examining the differences between these branches of research, the utility of each for teachers and program coordinators, and their respective strengths, weaknesses, and points to consider.