Assessment is unavoidable in the classroom, and its impact and learning and teaching is well known. Developing an effective assessment plan and assessment tools for a course or program is critical to helping learners achieve their aims but is also enormously challenging. Assessment solutions offer consulting, presentation, and workshop possibilities in areas such as the following:

Planning assessment: Consultation with teachers or program developers focused on developing an assessment plan for a particular course or program. Specifying a particular approach, and identifying the optimal purposes and means of assessment, and the desired outcomes, in line with course or program aims and objectives. Consideration of issues of validity, reliability, and other qualities of test usefulness within the approach is included. Onsite presentations and workshops, in lieu of or in addition to consulting, are also available as services.

Evaluating language comprehension and/or performance: Arrange a presentation or workshop focusing strategies for evaluating one or more of the macroskills (listening, reading, speaking, writing), as well as the underlying skills and knowledge areas supporting the macroskills.

Qualities of test usefulness: Arrange a presentation or workshop focused on the different qualities of test usefulness and their relative importance in varying assessment contexts (proficiency testing, classroom assessment, designing in-house tests)

Purposes of assessment: Arrange a presentation or workshop concerning the different purposes of assessment (assessment of/for learning, formative/summative assessment) and their relative roles in different course contexts.

Evaluating your assessment approach: Consultation with teachers or program developers focusing on development of a plan for evaluating the assessment approach planned or in place for a particular course or program.

***Please feel free to discuss other possible options for consultations, workshops and presentations in the area of assessment.